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❛devil's advocate❜
31 July 2010 @ 11:22 pm

♔ Friends Only ♔
Not Currently Adding Right Now

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I am not currently adding anyone to my f-list right now. However, if you leave me a comment and ask nicely, maybe I will add you. If you add me without leaving a comment or anything like that, I will ban you because you couldn't take two seconds to read this public post.
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❛devil's advocate❜
11 January 2010 @ 04:58 pm
Hola, peeps. I hope you're all having a splendid 2010 so far. Just posting to say that I did a little f-list cut—just a couple dead journals and some people I don't talk to anymore. If you're one of those people, it's been swell and I wish you the best. ♥ Peace.
❛devil's advocate❜
22 August 2009 @ 03:03 pm
Hey guys.

I've done a rather large flist cut. I don't do them often, but usually when I do, I do them for good. If you've been cut, please defriend me in return. Nonetheless, for those who have been cut, it's been good while it lasted. I wish you the best of luck and all that jazz. If you think you've been wrongly cut, do comment here and we'll talk. Comment screening is on.

❛devil's advocate❜
07 June 2009 @ 12:48 pm
Prom was just so fun last night, augh. I know you're all dying for pictures of the dress and such, so here you go. I didn't resize them or doctor them up in Photoshop because there's like, 100 of them and I'm too lazy. My camera is a piece of shit and I cannot take pictures at all either. I also make the strangest faces ever and I'm not photogenic at all, orz. Oh well.

In which there are a million pictures.Collapse )
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❛devil's advocate❜
05 March 2009 @ 05:00 pm

I cut quite a few people this time. Please defriend me back if you have been cut. Thank you.

If you think you were wrongly cut then please notify me. Comments are screened.
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❛devil's advocate❜
21 February 2009 @ 12:35 pm
Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose. —The Wonder Years

It has been quite some time since I last brushed with death—two years in fact. Sadly, it has struck again in my life. Certainly, things have changed greatly and I've aged in those two years (hopefully for the better), but even though the impact of death is still there, it still feels vastly different compared to my last encounter with it. Thus, the reasoning for this rather rare, serious entry in, what I'd like to think, is an upbeat livejournalCollapse )

I am not disabling comments on this entry nor will I keep it locked either. Take care, everyone. ♥
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❛devil's advocate❜
14 June 2007 @ 01:06 pm




♥♥♥ MISSA(2)
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❛devil's advocate❜
12 May 2007 @ 11:49 am
Ignore this entry, it's a reference for me to keep track of what I've read/seen or haven't read/seen.
TEH LISTCollapse )
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❛devil's advocate❜
09 May 2007 @ 05:52 pm
Title: Online Dating For Data Boys
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2100
Pairing(s): Data Pair with a hint of Golden Pair.
Disclaimer: Prince of Tennis does not belong to me. Although, someday I'll inherit it from Konomi.
Warnings: None.
Author's Notes: Written for demonoflight for the 2007 spring_fluff exchange. :)